Ronald Hochreiter

Vienna, Austria //

Algorithmic Finance. Computational Finance. Quantitative Finance. Analytics in Banking and Finance. Risk Management.
Optimization under Uncertainty and Decision Science. Data Science and Machine Intelligence (Machine Learning and Deep Learning). AI.


Associate Professor of Finance

Webster Vienna Private University

Solving Finance and FinTech problems with methods from the field of Decision Science (Optimization under Uncertainty) and Artificial Intelligence (Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning).

since March 2019

Principal Investigator / Docent

WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

Habilitation in Business Administration (2013). Project leader of EU H2020 and Erasmus+ projects and of the FFG ASAP (Austrian Space Application Program) project ReKlaSat 3D - Deep Learning on Satellite Images and Satellite Image Point Cloud Reconstructions (2017-2019). Teaching Data Science and Quantitative Finance to students of Business, Management, Marketing and Finance. Furthermore Faculty Member of the WU Executive Academy teaching MBA courses and designing company-specific lecture series.

since October 2009

Managing Director

Hochreiter Consulting

Consulting Decision and Data Science Projects. Teaching Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Integrate contemporary Data Science technologies into business processes. Emphasizing on the difference of employing AI methods when working with humans (clients, customers, ...) and financial markets.

since May 2000

Founder &

Creating Quantitative, Algorithmic and Computational Finance Tools and Applications as well as providing consulting to Banks, Pension Funds and Investment Managers.

since 2006

President and CEO

Academy of Data Science in Finance

Non-profit organization to build a platform for everyone interested in Data Science and Finance in Austria. Furthermore organizing a yearly International Conference on Data Science in Finance with R. Click here to find out more online.

since November 2017

Husband and Father

to utmost lovely Katharina and Ferdinand


Research Grants

  • Member of the Executive Board, WP-Co-Leader RegTech Workshops & Country Coordinator Austria - EU H2020 - 2019-2020 - FIN-TECH: A FINancial supervision and TECHnology compliance training programme - 100k.
  • WP-Leader Quality Control and Monitoring - EU Erasmus+ - 2018-2021 - ADA: Curriculum Development Advanced Analytics in Business.
  • Principal Investigator - FFG ASAP - 2017-2019 - ReKlaSat 3D - Deep Learning from High-Resolution Satellite Imagery - 721k.
  • Principal Investigator - FFG Bridge - 2012-2014 - ALSOpt - Data Mining Analysis of Geo-Laserscan-Data - 317k.
  • Country Coordinator - EU TEMPUS - 2010-2013 - Curriculum Development - Master Studies in Applied Statistics in Serbia - 29k.
  • Principal Investigator - Austrian National Bank Jubiläumsfonds - 2007-2009 - Models for the valuation of complex credit portfolios using Coupled Markov Chains - 56k.

Editorial Boards

  • Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence - AI in Finance / Associate Editor
  • Mendel - Soft Computing Journal / Editorial Advisory Board


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